Do Yourself
A Favour

Save time, hassle-free.
Get your item delivered instantly.

Delivery With One Tap

Post a job and pay, your exclusive transporter will do you a favour, simple as that!

Deliver Your Hassle Away

Dodoo Delivery delivers anything to anywhere
at anytime.

Dodoo Delivery is designed to connect our Senders and Transporters, empowering the app users to have anything ordered and delivered on demand, with one tap on the mobile device.

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy

Once you post a delivery job, a Transporter - Dood will be on the way to your doorstep. Simply pass him or her the item that needs to be delivered, and enjoy peace of mind as our Dood takes care of everything. It's that easy.

Anything, Anywhere

Anything, Anywhere

You can send presents to your loved ones during festive season, order takeaway from your favourite restaurant, or get our Dood to send that document to your colleague who left it in the office. No complicated processes, just a few clicks to fulfil your need.

Easy Peasy

Comfortable Rate

You have the freedom to set your own offer price. The Dood will accept job and deliver your item. Install Dodoo Delivery app and post a job today.

Let's Doo It Now!

Here at Dodoo Delivery, we thrive on helping you to get your delivery job done instantly and easily, therefore, you do not even have to pack your item like normal courier service company would require you to. How is it possible? Let’s download the app and see how it works!

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